Interesting Facts and Myths

神话: The coroner cannot arrest the sheriff, but the coroner is the only person who can serve a warrant on the sheriff at the direction of the 遗嘱认证的法官.

事实: Until the late 1970s the 验尸官 had arresting powers as a constable.

神话: The coroner does not perform autopsies, they must be performed by a licensed pathologist.

事实: The coroner is required to function as acting Sheriff in the event the sheriff is unable to fulfill his duty under the direction of the 高等法院 Judge until a Sheriff can be appointed.

神话: A coroner has to be a pathologist. 不总是! 在乔治亚州, coroners only need to complete state mandated trqaining, 在堪萨斯的时候, Ohio and Louisiana coroners must be certified forensic pathologists. 验尸官s often are funeral home directors, but some are doctors.